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Every day, the pioneering research that takes place at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital improves the lives of our friends, family members. Behind every discovery is the crucial support of our sponsors and donors.

Since 1995, WineFest has attracted thousands of guests and raised more than $16 million to advance innovative pediatric research.

For a full century, the University of Minnesota has been setting new standards in children’s health with trailblazing achievements that make a lasting difference for children and families in Minnesota and around the globe. Its most notable accomplishments include:

  • The first pediatric open-heart surgeries using hypothermia and cross-circulation.
  • The first successful pediatric bone marrow transplant from a non-twin donor.
  • The first pediatric kidney biopsy.
  • The first bone marrow transplant to treat a lethal skin disease in children, showing that stem cells contained in bone marrow can repair injured skin tissue.
  • Development of a pioneering technique for transplanting kidneys in infants.
  • Development of the high-frequency chest compression system to treat cystic fibrosis.
  • Development of less invasive approaches to pediatric heart repair, including leading-edge trials of the pediatric Berlin Heart device, which helps keep kids’ hearts strong until they can receive a transplant.

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