Honorary winemasters

Honorary Winemasters

Thanks to our winemasters, there's wine-and then there's wine. It's those memorable vintages that taste like no other, garnering raves and the highest ratings from wine connoisseurs. WineFest No. 25 is shining the spotlight on outstanding vintners who create wines that are the best in their class and best in show. Their expertise, commitment to excellence, and constant striving to raise the bar result in elite wines. These winemakers exude passion for producing exceptional vintages, making it icing on the cake to welcome them to WineFest No. 25 - A Toast to Children's Health.

Andrew Browne – Precept Wines

Chris Kenefick – Kenefick Ranch

Bryan Weil – Alexana/Revana

Allison Steltzner – Steltzner Vineyards

Saurabh Kathuria – Ramon Bilbao

Duane & Susan Hoff, DLynn Proctor – Fantesca Estate & Winery

Jason & Cliff Lede – Cliff Lede Vineyards

Lauren Kopit – Sterling Vineyards

Justin Seidenfeld – Rodney Strong

Chad Johnson – Dusted Valley

Anthony Truchard – Truchard Vineyards

George Webber – Buena Vista Winery

Maria Magdalena "Mele" Sosa – Bodega Garzon

Jeff Meisel – Long Meadow Ranch

WineFest No. 25


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