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Thank you to our honorary winemasters of WineFest No. 23 — A Toast to Children's Health!

Italy has been awash with winemaking and wine drinking since time immemorial. No wonder its citizens are so passionate about wine, making it a part of their daily lives and placing it at the heart of their culture. Italy’s rare grapes, wide-ranging climate, and unique landscapes combine to make wines of the Bel Paese (“beautiful country”) among the very best. 

Luciano Castiello, Castello Banfi
Ambassador for Castello Banfi

Vittorio Marzotto, Santa Margherita
Owner of Santa Margherita

Mark Quigley, Sartori di Verona
Ambassador of Sartori di Verona

Glenn Salva, Antica Napa Valley
Wine estate manager for Antica Napa Valley and works closely with Antinori family (Florence, Italy)

Susan & Duane Hoff, Dlynn Proctor, Fantesca Estate & Winery
Founders and director of Fantesca Winery, respectively

Andrea Cravero, Casa E. Di Mirafiore
Owner of Mirafiore, Oscar Farinetti

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