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WineFest No. 26 WineMasters

During WineFest No. 27, you’ll connect with our illustrious honorary winemasters whose own teams apply science and art to create beautiful wines. Unite with us to meet a diverse group of luminaries from the world of wine, sports, music and film; sip award-winning vintages; enjoy bold cuisine; bid on unbeatable auction lots; rule the dance floor, break some giving records; and, most importantly, be inspired by our all-star patients.

WineFest Ambassador

DLynn Proctor, Fantesca Estate & Winery

Honorary Winemasters

Sidney Rice, Dossier
Jason Heintz, SkipStone
Donae Burston, La Fete du Rose
Lily Mirabelle Freedman, Dunn Vineyards
Alicia Towns Franken - Towns Wine Co
Jesse Bongiovi - Hampton Water
Saurabh Kathuria, Muriel
Steve Dutton, Dutton-Goldfield
Noah Dorrance, Reeve Wine
Artie Johnson, Le Arishasic
Brett Jones - Z. Alexander Brown
Samantha & Patrice Breton, Vie Versa
Paul Scotto - Scotto Cellars
Dave Ready Jr, Murphy-Goode


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Brittany Minke.

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