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Paul Peterson

Since he was adopted from Colombia and landed in Shoreview, Paul has called Minnesota home. His love for art and expression through different mediums paved his creative journey, which includes studying at the Massachusetts College of Art and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. By starting small and building his clientele through private shows, his work has become known with influential and passionate art buyers. In just 10 years, he has sold more than 800 paintings to 600+ clients across the world. Some clients include players from the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Wild.

About the painting:

Acrylic is Peterson's passion, where a sense of raw feeling through shapes and spaces emerges with each stroke. Almost a visual conversation, there is honesty and truth in each piece, a reflection of his personality. Through astounding use of color and composition, the art effortlessly breathes new life into any room.

WineFest No. 24

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